21 People Shared With Us What They Would Have Changed About Their Wedding


“My biggest tip is to know what is actually important to you before you start to plan. It’s so easy to get swept up in the wedding magazines, the Pinterest boards, and the fairy-tale wedding stories! And when you do, you can end up spending time and money on stuff that you realize after the fact didn’t matter to you at all. What you care about is likely to be different for each couple — for example: Don’t spend big bucks for a limo if you realize you’d rather ride in a relative’s cool vintage car!

My other big tip is to think about your vendors. If you’re doing a massive wedding with flowers everywhere, you definitely need a florist. For my wedding, I needed one bouquet for me, one for my sister who was my maid of honor, and two boutonnières, and we were able to get beautiful arrangements from a grocery store floral department, using in-season flowers, for less than many people pay for a single bouquet.”



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