37 Jokes For Everyone Whos Obsessed With Trader Joes

Posted 11 minutes ago

“Relationship status: Exclusively dating Trader Joe”

If Trader Joe’s is your happy place, you know just how much of a haven it is for shoppers.

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Whether you’re searching for the latest seasonal arrivals or scoring some trending beauty products, TJ’s has pretty much everything you could ever want.

We’ve rounded up the funniest jokes and memes that’ll speak to your undying love for Trader Joe’s. Check them out below:


i could’ve gone my entire life without knowing trader joes employees are trained to flirt with customers every time i went in there i was thinking damn i still got it

03:04 PM – 16 Apr 2021

Twitter: @ymmayer


I don’t care how unhealthy the snack, if it’s Trader Joe’s I assume it’s healthier. It could be a marshmallow chocolate chip cracker pizza cookie lasagna and I’d be like, “It’s organic!”

02:26 AM – 14 Apr 2021

Twitter: @jtrain56

Do you love shopping at Trader Joe’s as much as everyone else? Let us know in the comments below!


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