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Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield
Photo: Jason Merritt (Getty Images)

Everyone knows the drill with Marvel movies: nothing is allowed to be spoiled, and if you accidentally spoil something major like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have done in the past, you face the wrath of millions of angry MCU fans—and probably Kevin Feige. It’s been rumored for a while that Andrew Garfield will have a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s not too far-fetched, considering Alfred Molina is reprising his role from the early ‘00s movies as Doc Ock. But sadly, Garfield shut down rumors.

In a recent episode of Josh Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confused, Horowitz told Garfield that he didn’t know how to bring up the Spider-Man stuff because he didn’t want to “ruin anything if there’s something to ruin.” Garfield responded laughing, saying, “I don’t have anything to ruin, bro! I have to quickly just cut you off. There’s nothing to ruin!” He added that it’s “fucking hilarious” because he sees how often Spider-Man is trending, with people freaking out about rumors. “I’m just like ‘Guys, guys, guys… I wish I could just speak to everyone and just like ‘I recommend that you chill,’” he said. Garfield went on to clarify that he can’t speak on anything but himself but he “ain’t got a call.”

He also likened it to Werewolf (a game that some of you likely played in college) and Mafia, where you have to convince everyone that you’re not the werewolf in the group: “Like I feel like I’m in a game of fucking Werewolf—or Mafia—where I’m like ‘I’m not the werewolf! I promise you I am not the werewolf!’ and everyone’s like ‘You’re the werewolf! You’re the fucking werewolf! Look at him..” So no, Andrew Garfield is not the werewolf—errr, Spider-Man. But hey, werewolves do have to lie to win the game, right? We’ll find out soon enough if he’s telling the truth. 


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