David Dobrik Has Been Accused Of Endangering Another Vlog Squad Members Life In A Failed Stunt

“You take things too far.”

David Dobrik is facing backlash after new footage shows fellow Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek facing injuries after a stunt for a video went wrong.

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Warning: This video contains graphic content.

As part of his new YouTube video series, Don’t Try This At Home, Jeff alleges how David pushed for a series of dangerous stunts to be part of the Vlog Squad’s new slate during the pandemic in 2020.

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Jeff Wittek / Via youtube.com

David refers to it as, “the video to come back and start posting again,” while Jeff calls it a “comeback vlog.” David had previously been on hiatus for most of 2020.

Much of the video is dedicated to the first stunt that Jeff took part in, which involved skydiving 25 times — a feat he says he is made to do by a “weird guy,” aka David.

Jeff Wittek / Via youtube.com

“It’s kinda hard to be funny when you feel like you’re about to die,” Jeff says before his first solo skydive.

The next stunt is in Utah, where David has an excavator in a lake that is said to be about a foot deep. At first, a wakeboard is attached to the machine, and people are spun around.

However, people then start to swing from a rope attached to the excavator. Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf can be seen yelling, “You take things too far, always,” seemingly to David, after the rope starts slipping down.

The video then shows Jeff’s attempt. “I didn’t know I was gonna go that fast,” he says in a voice over. “So I grabbed the fucking rope, and I tried to make a goddamn funny video for people. But this is where I made a mistake. I forgot that the biggest fucking idiot I know was driving it.”

Footage then appears to show Jeff crashing into the excavator and falling into the lake, followed by people running to help him.

Jeff Wittek / Via youtube.com

“The whole side of his face is just open,” one Vlog Squad member remarks.

It looks like this is the accident Jeff was referring to in June 2020, when he wrote on Instagram, “Got in an accident and broke my face and skull in a few places.”

TW: I’ve never felt so angry at a dumb ass influencer before. David Dobrik needs to be stopped. He’s always been irresponsible at his friends expense for YOUTUBE videos. He COULD have been charged with manslaughter had Jeff been inches closer to the excavator. IM LIVIDDDDD

02:15 AM – 22 Apr 2021

Twitter: @katmauvearts

We’ll keep you posted if David comments on the allegations.

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