I Tried The Drugstore Moisturizing Hack Thats All Over Instagram And My Skin Is Completely Glowing

But Dr. Mariwalla also explained that your mileage may vary, depending on your skin tone and dryness level. She also advised to keep it to your body, not your face — and to use it occasionally or as needed, as opposed to daily.

“If your skin is very dry, I would recommend it and it should be okay as a rescue [step]. But I would not rely on this as a daily routine,” Dr. Mariwalla told BuzzFeed. “Keep in mind that different skin tones have more tightly-compacted keratinocytes or skin cells, and that can influence dryness.”

She continued: “If you have oily skin, this could potentially be comedogenic and give you breakouts,” Dr. Mariwalla said. “I also would stick to this mainly for the body, not the face, as it could potentially lead to oily skin and again, lead to breakouts.”


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