Justin Theroux says hes done his family proud with his take on The Mosquito Coast – The A.V. Club

Apple TV’s new adaptation of Paul Theroux’s lauded novel The Mosquito Coast isn’t the first time the book has been put to film. A 1986 movie of the same name starred Harrison Ford and hued much closer to Theroux’s original work than the new series. What the 2021 adaptation has, however, is a family connection, in that it stars Justin Theroux, Paul Theroux’s nephew.

In the video above, The A.V. Club talks to Justin Theroux about the roundabout way he came to the project, which just sort of fell in his lap. He also lets us in on his conversations with his uncle about his character, Allie Fox, and how he knows they’ve earned Paul Theroux stamp of approval.

The first two episodes of The Mosquito Coast premiere on Apple TV+ Friday, April 30, with new episodes premiering weekly thereafter.


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