Lil Nas X Wants Bad Bunny & Rihanna on a Montero Remix But Doesnt Want to Jinx It – Billboard

“Montero” already received RiRi’s stamp of approval before it was officially released on March 26. Back on July 29, 2020, Lil Nas X shared a snippet of his video conversation with the beauty mogul in support of her Fenty Skin line, which he modeled in the official campaign alongside Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.

“I heard a clip of your new song the other day,” she told the “Old Town Road” hitmaker last summer. “Banging…. I’m not just saying that, honest to God, I’m not just saying that. It is dope…. I’m so glad because you came so strong in the beginning. That kinda gets tricky, like, where do you go next? But man, you’re killing it. I’m happy for you.”

Lil Nas X recently clapped back at haters claiming he was “milking the song” by joking that he was the “n—a who remixed a song for 10 months,” referring to the numerous “Old Town Road” remixes including Cyrus, BTS‘ RM, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey and Diplo. At the 2020 Grammy Awards, the 22-year-old artist recruited everyone mentioned (sans Thug, plus the other six members of BTS) for a star-studded performance of his first chart-topper. Looks like it might be time to ride out the new song’s success with A-list remixes until he can’t no more.


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