People Are Sharing What Its Like To Be In A Poly Relationship, And Its Super Interesting

“…After a lot of talking, we decided that maybe monogamy wasn’t right for me. In our triad, it can be hard not to get jealous and it’s even harder to juggle three schedules and lifestyles, but I’ve never felt happier. And having three people makes chores a breeze! My relationships are more secure than ever, but ‘coming out’ as polyamorous still makes me nervous, even more than coming out as bi!

People are often confused or even disgusted. They usually assume one partner doesn’t know about they other, or that we’re all really kinky and into threesomes. I know it’s unconventional, but I wish more people were accepting of poly relationships. The hardest part for me is knowing that no matter how much I love my partners, I won’t be able to marry both of them, and that only one could be legally recognized as the parent of any children we have. I’d never be able to choose between them.”

— Anonymous


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