The 24 Most Ridiculous Gender Reveals That Were So Over The Top That They Made National Headlines

Posted 21 minutes ago

We’re gathered here today to recap the insanity that are gender reveal parties.

Gender reveals are a product of the 2010s we’ll look back on in 2030 in complete disbelief.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most absurd gender reveals of all time. The gender reveals that were so absurd that they made headlines.


The gender reveal that ended up with a baseball bat to the head.


The other gender reveal that ended up with a baseball of blue powder in grandpa’s face.

It started with this sign in the desert.

And the fire eventually turned into this:

No offense but after the first half dozen kids you’d think it’d get old. 


The gender reveal that ended up with fireworks spraying people at the party.


The husband who just got really mad about the gender at the gender reveal.


And my personal favorite, the fart gender reveal that caused backlash over gender reveal farts.

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