Will Smith Says This New Shirtless Pic Is “The Worst Shape of My Life” – E! NEWS

As an A-list action star, Will is clearly used to having a very top-tier physique. During an interview about his 2016 film Suicide Squad, he told Men’s Journal his workout regimen was so intense that he tore a leg muscle during the early stages of shooting.

“I knew from the very beginning that this was going to be a big movie for me,” Will shared. He said it was “really scary” to suffer the injury but explained it somehow wasn’t enough to keep him from continuing to work on his physique.

“When you’re 47 years old, no injury is a mild injury anymore,” the Aladdin star added at the time. “I was stepping back to throw a blow, and my calf popped. Everyone heard it. The doctor there told me that I was going to be down for six weeks, but I couldn’t allow that.”

Long story short, we’re sure Will could say, “Yo, holmes—smell ya later,” to any look he’s not happy with. But we also admire that he manages to take pride in himself, regardless of what anyone else might think. Sounds like a true prince to us.


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